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Nopi Cookbook

Book Design

The vision: to showcase some of the most popular NOPI dishes and recreate the experience of dining in Yotam Ottolenghi’s Soho-based restaurant – with its fast pace and exquiste interiors of white marble, golden brass and dynamic art – in book form.

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We took the simple golden ‘O’ of the NOPI logotype – which we had created for the restaurant – and made this the central motif of the book. It first appears on the cover as the archetypal Ottolenghi shakshuka pan, which we printed with oxidative inks and a gold foil rim. The top, bottom and fore edges of the book are gold foiled. The inside of the book includes graphics that visitors to NOPI will recognise from the menus. NOPI: The Cookbook is an authentic souvenir of the NOPI restaurant experience. 

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