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G.N.H. Hotel

Identity, Naming, Signage, Interior Styling, Website Design

Opening in 1854 the Great Northern was the world’s first great railway hotel, a glamorous destination for the revolutionary new age of steam. Reopening in 2013 along with the dramatic rejuvenation of the King's Cross area, our task was to re-brand it in a way that recognised its heritage and also struck a chord with today’s discerning, international traveller. 


Our Inspiration

Rooted in the visual and verbal traditions of the heyday of rail travel we re-branded the hotel creating an identity based on extensive research, using the Great Northern Railway as our original inspiration. During our research, we were happy to find Clarence the signal man, who proved most helpful on our in-room signage and we adopted the language of the railway with its plain-speaking tone of voice.

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