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Craft London

Identity, Signage, Packaging

How to convey the craft of food through the craft of design? Our task was to create the identity for food writer and pioneer Stevie Parle’s newest venture, CRAFT London. This project gave us an unusual degree of freedom to make marks unselfconsciously, and simply enjoy using a variety of mediums from paint to charcoal to biro.

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We chose mark-making as the overall visual expression of our enthusiasm for craft. Using a mixture of pink, turquoise, navy and black, the mark-making reflects the authenticity of each unique CRAFT London experience – whether it’s the café, the restaurant or the bar. The café uses large brush strokes to convey the immediacy of telling stories and sharing ideas; the restaurant required a more definitive approach, so we used the boldness of marker pen; and using paint in the bar indicates a delight in time passing. This highly flexible approach compliments the interior design by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio.

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