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Chiltern Firehouse

Book Design

Our task was simple. Turn this legendary hotel-restaurant, and cocktail bar, and its contemporary ingredients-focussed cooking with an American accent, into a beautiful and useful cookbook. 

Chiltern firehouse - cover

Chiltern Firehouse

Inspired by the restaurant’s iconic ceiling, we created a distinctive cover with interlocked debossed/embossed upholstery woven webbing segments and turned the endpapers into old architectural drawings from London’s first purpose-built firehouse.

Chiltern firehouse - restaurant
Chiltern firehouse  - building drawing
chiltern firehouse - porters

Using the restaurant’s tell-tale devilish illustrations, Peden and Munk’s exquisite photography and our own hand-drawn elements throughout gave the book touches of craft, while the colour red as a distinctive fiery element anchored the book in the restaurant’s rich heritage.

Chiltern Firehouse - snacks
Chiltern Firehouse - doughnuts
Chiltern firehouse - breakfast
Chiltern Firehouse - pork
Chiltern  Firehouse - Mains
Chiltern Firehouse - bar